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How Can Website Errors Harm Your Website & SEO?

Common Technical SEO Website Errors People Have


HTML Tags & Content: Basic SEO is very essential if you want to get organic visitors. If you are missing SEO Title, Meta Description or your URL is not set up properly you will lose a lot of traffic or won’t get any at all. That’s why we recommend doing Technical SEO and identifying these issues and errors so you can fix them as soon as possible.

Internal Pages & Error Codes: Did you ever go to a website and ended up on a 404 error page? Error codes can be very dangerous for website SEO. We recommend fixing all (3xx, 4xx and 5xx) codes to ensure your website stays healthy.

HTML Tags: Missing H1 tags, or having multiple H1 tags, short or long titles, meta descriptions missing? If you want people to find your website you have to ensure your on-page is top notch. That’s why we need to identify and fix these pages.

Social Tags: People love to share stuff online. If you don’t set up Open Graph or Twitter cards you will end up looking unprofessional and your website will look broken. It’s essential to optimize your website for social sharing and identify pages that are not optimized.

Broken Links: Both inbound and outbound broken links can cause a lot of issues. We recommend checking all the links on the website and identifying which links are not working anymore.

Resources: Warning this website ahead is not safe? Well, SSL certificate or (HTTPS) is a must if you want to do up to date SEO and make your visitors feel safe on your website.

Images: We see images on the website but how does google do it? They read ALT tags and that’s why we have to make sure all images are properly optimized for crawlers as well.

Importance Of Website Page Load Speed


Rankings depend on many factors and website speed is one of them. Google announced page speed update in July 2018 especially for mobile responsive websites and mobile search results.

Here are our top recommendations for page speed improvement: 

  • Minify Code: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Minimize requests size
  • Leverage Browser Caching: This will reduce page load times for repeat visitors and let them save files on their local browser that are live on your website.
  • Optimize Images: Decrease size (image compression) and also check scaled images to make sure they load properly.
  • Gzip Compression: This will reduce the size of files that are sent from your server and increase website speed.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): If your business is providing services internationally you want to make sure your website loads fast in all parts of the world. 

How Fixing These Issues Can Get You More Visibility


The best way to start is always with an SEO audit. After you identify all technical SEO issues and fix them you can move to on-page SEO. 

If you want to get more customers or visitors to the website you have to ensure that all errors have been fixed. These errors can be crucial and ruin all your hard work. What’s the point of having a website if no one can find it online. That’s why we recommend using SEO tools to identify all issues. 

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