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Increase Exposure

Give your business exposure it deserves by dominating search engines. Your website can only do its job when potential customers can find it and are seeing it. Our SEO services can help you exactly with that.

Grow Customer Base

We help you drive more customers to your website, product, and services. Our proven strategies will not only get you website visitors, but we will also help you build your brand online.

Increase Revenue

Better rankings in the search results will mean targeted traffic directly your website. We know this is only half the battle the next half is converting. Which is why we always strive to get our clients the best ROI possible.

Your Partner

Whether you have a question or a problem we are on call and would be more than happy to assist you. We are not a generic company or a faceless organization. You will meet our team. Our SEO is for the long-term

Why good rankings are important

  • 90% of users only check the first page of the search result 90% 90%
  • 43% of organic clicks go to the #1 position 43% 43%
  • Top 4 ranking pages receive 83% of first page organic clicks 83% 83%
  • 70-80% of users ignore paid ads and focus only on organic results 70% 70%

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How to choose the best Novi Sad SEO company for your business?

Every modern business understands the importance of having a web presence. However, having a web presence is not as important as being found via search engines by prospective customers who need your products or services.

How can you then be found? That’s where we come in. At Nickey Pickorita Novi Sad SEO, we are thoroughbred professionals and we are committed to the success of your business. With our search engine optimization (SEO) services, we can ensure that your website ranks on the first page of Google for your local business in Novi Sad Serbia. That way, you can increase niche targeted traffic to your website and generate more leads and sales, thus growing your local business.

How SEO Can Help Your Business

Benefits of hiring an SEO company in Novi Sad

Novi Sad SEO has helped a lot of businesses attain online success with our expertise. We are not just a search engine optimization agency, we are your partners in progress. We always seek to align our services with your corporate goals so that at the end of the day, you are not only visible in search engines but you also convert leads into sales and generate revenue.

Why should you consider doing SEO for your local business?

A website is as good as nonexistent, if it does not rank or can hardly be found on Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. The single most important factor to make your website visible on the search engine is proper to search engine optimization (SEO).

Case Studies

One of our SEO campaigns and growth over time. Learn how we can help you get more customers.

Benefits that any business can avail by bringing in a top SEO firm on board

Failing to hire a top Novi Sad SEO firm to conduct the online promotional activities of the website, owners will miss out on the many benefits the world of SEO has to offer. Furthermore, it often becomes difficult to grow and expand a successful business if the promotional activities are not conducted on a larger scale. The techniques and procedures employed by top Novi Sad SEO companies help to promote the websites and their services to places and customers beyond the restraints of geographical barriers and help the business grow from strength to strength.


Optimizing your website for the search engine is important, it is equally important to have your optimization done by professionals who use proven strategies that work and that are cost effective. Make the right call and contact us today at Nickey Pickorita SEO Novi Sad and dominate your competition.

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