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What’s the minimum contract for SEO services?

There is no fixed contract, you can stop working with us at any time. Although we do recommend doing SEO for at least 6+ months in order to achieve best possible results for your business. You can pick a plan that fits your needs and budget the best.

How long does it take to get ranked and see results?

Rankings depend on many factors like competition, keyword volume and if you already had SEO work done before. If your website is brand new it can take up to a year. And older sites that have been around for a while can get ranked in 1 – 4 months. 

Can you rank for every keyword?

We can’t only rank for keywords that have already been taken by current clients. It would be unfair to promise #1 spot to two different clients in the same niche. However, we can get you #2 or #3 spot. Also, there are some very competitive phrases like “Real Estate” that would be too expensive to rank for and would take too much time. In that case, we recommend using more targeted long tail keywords.

How many links/backlinks are you going to get?

We don’t specifically sell backlinks only as there are many spammy services that offer lots of backlinks which are low quality and won’t do anything for you. The primary feature that sets our SEO company from competitors is that we focus only on high-quality links and unique content. You will get high-quality niche related referring domains and backlinks that will have custom written unique articles.

If you offer content who writes it?

We have our own in-house team that writes high-quality unique content for clients. We then take these articles, press releases, PDFs etc… and use them for link building and on your websites if you decide to use our writers.

Where are you guys based?

Nickey Pickorita SEO is based in UK and Ireland, however, we do work with clients in USA and Canada as well. We also have a small office located in Novi Sad where our owner is working from most of the time. Got more questions? Read our FAQ here.

Don’t quite understand SEO terms?

Not a problem, we got you covered. Read our SEO Glossary or feel free to get in touch by filling our contact form or calling us.

Do you have Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

Yes, we do and you may read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We also have Earnings Disclaimer.

What if I want a personalized plan?

Let us recommend personalized package crafted for your needs.

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See what our clients and other industry experts say about us.

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